This weekend we give thanks to the amazing women who have the toughest and most important job in the world, yet the best and most rewarding one too. Where a kiss and a hug are the preferred method of payment.

It’s Mother’s Day. So as you whip up the french toast and cards, here are some ideas on how to express your gratitude further.

1. Think about how Mom likes to be thanked. Maybe she is having a tough time with allergies, and flowers may send her into a sneezing frenzy. We often reach for gifts society aligns with certain holidays. Think of what your special person would love – maybe it’s just a hug with a smile or a cup of coffee, or an extra half hour of sleep.

2. Formulate Your Gratitude. The following formula offers clarity around how the “giver” helped and at what cost to them. This formula also helps you to clearly communicate your recognition of this cost and express your gratitude, more over than a simple “thank you.”

Gratitude = Intention + Cost + Benefit

Intention – What was the action she intentionally did? (did she choose to do your laundry as a surprise?)
Cost – What was the cost? (Did she lose sleep? Leave work early? Not workout?)
Benefit – How did you benefit? (Were you able to go out with friends or watch a movie while she helped you?)

For example: Mom, thank you for ironing my dress for the dance last night. I know you were tired and didn’t get to sleep until late, but ironed it so I could go to sleep and be rested for my dance. I’m so excited to wear the dress tonight and feel beautiful. Thank you so much.

3. Quality, Not Quantity. Now that you have your thoughts together in a specific way, remember that it’s not how much you can give her, but how heartfelt and genuine the giving is. Go back to #1 and think of what SHE would really like.

4. Set Off the Water Works. If you REALLY want to see Mom smile (and probably shed some tears), try this. Write her a short note or letter expressing your gratitude. Read it to her and present the letter as a keepsake. Be sure to follow the formula. Try to include how you often remember these things she did for you.

I would love to hear how you honored the women in your life who have been a mother to you. Visit the Comments area below and tell us your story. And if you are a mom, tell us how you gave yourself a break on Sunday!

Happy Mother’s Day.

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P.S. Here’s a video I thought you would enjoy for Mother’s Day – watch it all the way through. It’s sure to get some laughs and perhaps tears.


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