path to light copy2Fear can be paralyzing. It can keep you from the life you are meant to live – the life you want to live.

What would you do if you had no fear?

Quit your high paying job?
Eat that decadent hot fudge sundae?
Admit you’re not perfect?
Run off by yourself for a weekend?

Why aren’t you doing what you want? What is it that you fear?

Being broke?
Being unhealthy?
Being vulnerable?
Being selfish?

Why are those things bad? What would it mean if you are vulnerable?

How does it feel when you are afraid of taking a leap and making a change?

Anxiety producing?
Bone chilling?
Stomach churning?

If so, it sounds like thinking about taking the leap is making you feel pretty awful, so let’s look at how you might feel after actually taking the leap.

Imagine you are on the other side after the leap. You did it. You are alive. You didn’t melt into the ground. Your family still loves you. You still have your home. You still have yourself.

Does it feel like freedom?
Does it feel like you’ve broken out?
Does it feel like you can breathe?

That’s it!

When you can feel what it will be like once you take that leap and that feeling is freedom… you know it’s the right choice for you.

Yes, it may be painful to go through the changes. Yes, it make take time. But in the end you will be where you want to be.

The right choice feels like freedom.

But how?

Today, think of the choices you are making and determine if you are making them out of fear or out of love. To help you out, see the attached worksheet. Be honest. It’s ok if it’s all from fear. Now you know where to start.

Once you know you are doing something out of fear…
Look at why you are afraid
What would it mean if your fear came true?
What would it mean if you didn’t do that fear-inspired action?
How would it feel if you were making the choice to do it from a place of love (loving, caring intentions – perhaps toward yourself or someone else or the action you’re taking)?
What would your actions look like when they are inspired by love?

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