I was so bored. Then this happened.

Small talk.

It’s everywhere.

Yes. It’s just part of life and a part of being kind and friendly. I get it. I do it. It’s fine.

But it can get a little boring day after day.

I’d rather have a meaningful conversation that can help us move forward. Not stay in the same place or go backwards! Oy!

Then, one day my good friend from Sweden said “Hey, I would love to have some of my friends meet you and learn more about what you do and talk about it. Would you like to lead us in a discussion some night, like those of the French Salons?”

Cue my head spinning above my body with excitement.

Real conversation? Like French Salons?! With smart women who want to move forward?!!


Last Friday evening we held this conversation – one that I hope triggers further enlightenment and discovery for these women.

It did for me.

What conversations are you having today?

Are they feeding you or depleting you?

Are they inspiring you or making you perspire?

Conversations that move us forward make us look at who we are and why we are doing something. We look at what we are doing and why.  We are willing to put aside our ego and make changes. We are willing to admit we are wrong or that we can do something differently. Conversations that move us forward aren’t about complaining; they are about looking at what we want and then figuring out how to get there, one step at a time.  We may not know how to get there today, but we do know a small step we can take that feels like it’s in the right direction. That step will lead to many.  We don’t know what those steps are or where they will lead but with the right intention, they will lead you to where you intend.

Then you will go on another journey.

One that is not boring. One that is meaningful.

(image taken by me of some books I find inspiring and I brought to our evening discussion)



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