Going BIG!

This year my theme is to GO BIG! In the past I haven’t always done this. I’ve played small sometimes to be safe, familiar, accepted. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve done crazy big things like moving to Europe, jumping on a plane with a moment’s notice, climbed the Rockefeller Christmas tree (with permission of course!). But sometimes I don’t go big and I keep things that are amazing to myself because they push me a little too much.  No more baby!

It all started a year ago when I was in my Master Coaching Program. It pushed me. It pulled me. It smacked me around (nicely). It said “Munies, just do your amazing ideas! DO IT.”  Little by little I started to share my ideas with others and they reacted with “um, ya you should do that.”

Often we think others have the amazing ideas or that they know how to do it perfectly.

Here’s the big secret – no one knows anything perfectly and when they first started; they too knew nothing. They learned. They put themselves out there. They tried. They failed. They picked themselves up. They moved on.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be.

Today I knew I needed to go even BIGGER!  So I went into my bathroom, looked in my big mirror and looked myself in the eye. “What can you do today to go BIGGER!” I challenged myself.  I hemmed and hawed and did a bunch of “Oh, I don’t know what to do Bigger.” Then I got quiet, looked, and there it was. A little whisper that said to start my video blog…today. I have been wanting to do just that but there’s just been other things to do (excuse). I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do or say (excuse). I wasn’t sure where I’d video tape them (excuse).

Then I picked up my phone, went outside and started to tape me saying things. Words just came out. Who knew? I did. I knew. I just needed to Go Big.

Check out my video blog here.

Then go check out yourself in the mirror and ask…

How can I go BIG?

Seriously. Go. Now.

And if you don’t come up with anything, ask what your idol would do? Would they sit around not doing it and waiting for the perfect time?


They’d just do it and learn and move on.

Go Big!




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