Can't Dimmer My Shimmer™

Can’t Dimmer My Shimmer® is my Mantra.

It’s the little song in the back of my head that nourishes me and pushes me up.

“Your Shimmer is who you are. 

Nothing can take that away.”

No one can make it dimmer. Only you can. It is up to you to shine as bright as possible.

How do you shine bright? I believe you do this by being yourself – your true self, not who others tell you to be and not who you think society wants you to be. Because when you are being yourself, your natural unique qualities show. When you are YOU, and shine your light into the world, what comes back to you is the life you truly want. The life that will make you feel loved, safe, happy, free, and blessed. It’s up to you to listen to YOU and be YOU. That’s when the magic happens.


You stop looking at how others do things, and start looking at how you want to.

You stop judging what others do, and start paying attention to what you want.

You stop paying attention to haters, because you realize your voice is what matters.

You stop thinking you can do it all, and start asking for help.

You stop being in “ok” relationships, and start being in ones that inspire and light you up.

You stop caring what others think of you because you are too busy doing what makes you happy.

You stop trying to prove how great you are, and start knowing how great you are.

You stop tiptoeing and start dancing.

You trust yourself and know your past is preparation for your right future. Yes, even the painful parts.

You have fun “working.”

You ask “why not?”

You are YOU in your relationships because you like the real YOU.

You tell the truth, to yourself.

You are Yourself.

Can’t Dimmer My Shimmer®

is a movement.

To be You.

What You’re Saying Can’t Dimmer My Shimmer™ Means…

No matter what the external circumstances of Life may be, none can reduce the brilliance of the inner light that is the essence of each of us.

On some days it means for me that… even though my kid won’t get dressed, I haven’t showered and we’re trying to get out the door… I’m not going to get upset, I’ll look good regardless and we’ll get where we’re going just fine. Can’t Dimmer My Shimmer!

My shimmer is what’s inside me, not the state of my life or the size of my body, and nothing can diminish that unless I let it.

Other people or my circumstances will not shut me down.

What does Can't Dimmer My Shimmer™ mean to you?

My goal as a Certified Master Life Coach is to help women and girls be yourself, not who society is telling you to be. I want to help you to have the confidence to listen to yourself, know what you want, trust yourself, and create YOU and that big life you dream of.