Written Series

You Already Know This

Have you ever had a “Knowing Flash?” A Knowing Flash is basically your inner guidance system giving you a message. Today this is often called your Inner GPS, gut, intuition.  But I call them Knowing Flashes, or just Flashes, because that’s what they are –...

A Special Thank You

Gratitude   This weekend we give thanks to the amazing women who have the toughest and most important job in the world, yet the best and most rewarding one too. Where a kiss and a hug are the preferred method of payment. It’s Mother’s Day. So as you whip up the...

The One Question We Don’t Ask

What We Don’t Ask Let’s talk about something that is so super important, but no one really talks about it. It’s not sex, politics, or money. (maybe another time!) It’s more personal. It’s your… INTENTION Why do you...

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