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girl looking over land2Have you ever had a “Knowing Flash?”

A Knowing Flash is basically your inner guidance system giving you a message. Today this is often called your Inner GPS, gut, intuition.  But I call them Knowing Flashes, or just Flashes, because that’s what they are – Flashes that come to me quickly when I least expect it.

In my experience these Flashes are accompanied by a very calm grounded feeling in the body, even if the Flash is about something we don’t desire, like someone falling.

When I was growing up I was not aware of Knowing Flashes, but then I started noticing that things I thought of and felt in a calm moment…would happen.

  • At the age of 7 knowing I would have a career helping people (but of course not knowing what that was).
  • Knowing in junior high that while I was made fun of and didn’t have many friends, it would all change for the better as soon as I got to high school and I just had to make it to that point – and it did almost from day one.
  • Throughout my life seeing myself and my soul mate in a bright field of yellow flowers and then decades later getting engaged in a similar setting.
  • Knowing in my 20s that I would get married at 31 and “retire” from corporate America by the time I was 43.
  • Winning $800 in 2 minutes at the roulette table after having a number Flash a few seconds earlier.
  • Wearing my WPLJ radio t-shirt to a Yankee game because I knew I would be found by the station and win their $100 prize.
  • Knowing for sure I was going to get pregnant through IVF with both my daughter and son, even though the numerous previous cycles had not been successful.

Say What?

A little cray cray? Not so much.

At first I didn’t pay attention to these Flashes. I somewhat believed them but then doubted myself and thought I was being cocky (who was I to wear a t-shirt and have the DJ find me and give me $100 when there were thousands of others in the crowd!). And of course back in the day I dared not to share these Knowing Flashes (Bye Mom. I’m going to the Yankee game today with my friend to win $100. See ya later). But then time after time these thoughts would actually come to fruition. They were happening from a genuine knowing place, and not an ego “grabbing” place. I was amazed, but not surprised.

Flashes can happen very quickly. It can be the Flash of a number to play for roulette or perhaps a Flash that someone is about to trip and fall and you turn around and see just that happen; or the event can happen years out. Or it may just be a calm feeling that you are going to have a particular experience you want in that moment. The feeling is your Knowing Flash, and the experience happens.

Many people I know often shake their head, laugh and say “Only you” when these synchronicities happen. However, we all have these Knowing Flashes, but we all don’t recognized and acknowledge them.

To tap into your Knowing Flashes, try this…

1.) Write down any thought or idea that flashes to you and is accompanied by a calm feeling in your body (similar to the feeling when you are just about to fall asleep). It can be quick and out of the blue so be ready with a pad of paper, send yourself an email or text.

2.) Pay attention to these messages. Instead of grasping for more information after receiving the Idea Flash, simply ask “I wonder when I will know more about this” or “I wonder when this will happen.” When we “wonder,” we are inviting additional information in an accepting, open manner without the ego stepping in to rush to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

3.) Be open for your next message with excitement and wonderment.

 4.) Repeat

I would LOVE to hear about your Knowing Flash experiences below.


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