I was recently on a mini-vacation with my husband. We visited Dorset, Vermont where the trees outnumber the people (www.squirehouse.com). It was heaven.

While I LOVED being away, I didn’t mind returning to my “regular life.” I was very surprised by this feeling because in the past, when I was about to head back from vacation, I would start to get a pit in my stomach and wish all sorts of life-altering scenarios to appear miraculously. (FYI – the pit is NOT good and a sure sign there’s something…shall I say…amiss).

What To Do

When we are on vacation, we relax and often new thoughts and ideas start flowing since we aren’t stressed. We might think of things we love about our life back home and things we want to change.

To help you on your quest for living the life you want and identifying the area(s) of your life you would like to improve, I offer this mini-quiz for you to take along on your vacation. If you get stuck on a question, perhaps your travel companions can help as you may have voiced your thoughts throughout the trip.

1.) While I am away, do I talk about my “job” with passion (and a smile) or with dread and think in my head about ways I could get out of returning? Note positives and negatives you find included in your conversations. (P.S. – A “job” is whatever you are doing day-to-day and doesn’t mean there is income aligned with it.)

2.) What do I miss from my “regular life” while I am on vacation?

3.) When I am on the plane/car returning, what things are going through my head (ugh, work tomorrow, I have a lot of laundry, I’m excited to get back to my space and implement the ideas I had while on vacation)?

4.) While away, what inspires me? What “Knowing Flashes” do I get? (These Flashes come most often when we are relaxed and not forcefully trying to think of a solution so they often come flying in while on vacay.)

5.) Once home…

What don’t I want to do and why?

What do I appreciate now that I am back?

What do I miss about vacation?

What It All Means?

Take a look at your responses and recognize what you like and don’t like. Appreciate and cherish those things you missed and love about your “regular life” while away. Is there a way to welcome more of those things? How can you incorporate the things you loved about vacation into your “regular life” (e.g. a walk once a week with your partner)?

If there are any responses that indicate you are not satisfied with an area of your life, that is ok. There’s no need to take any life-altering steps your first day back. Just recognizing is huge! While away, did you have Knowing Flashes about what you “wish you could do?” Be sure to notice and write them down as they come to you.

When you have an idea about the changes you desire, turtle step them out and take that first step.

Want a new job – tell a friend

Want to move – google a city you are thinking about

Want to adopt a healthier lifestyle – throw out the whipped cream

(Reminder – a turtle step is a tiny step that doesn’t give you anxiety and often feels so easy that you may feel like you are cheating. You’re not. Just keep on doing these steps each day and remember to reward yourself for doing them).

How Was Your Vacation?

As always, I would love to hear about your vacations and any insights you had when answering the questions above.



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