What Experience Do You Want?

So simple, but how often do we think of this question and the answer?

When you walk into your boss’ office do you consider – what experience do I want?

When you talk to your child about a difficult topic, do you take a breath and feel into – what experience do I want?

When you receive a party invitation do you ask – is this an experience I want?

Often we wonder in and out of situations without considering the purpose and without being mindful.

When I stop, take a moment and think about the experience I want, the results often amaze me. I have done this when speaking with CEOs, in stores where the clerk is deciding whether or not to give me the sale price, and with my kids.

Intrigued? Let’s give it a try.

  1. Think of a conversation, event, article you need to write etc.
  2. What experience do you want? (“I want feel calm when I talk to my boss about my review.”   “I want to walk into the party and feel content and blessed to be with friends.” and for your girls…”I want to play four-square with the boys and they’ll welcome me and I’ll have a great time being part of the group.”
  3. Feel into that experience you want. Feel it in your body, not your mind. How does it feel? Imagine and feel into how that experience would flow. How would it feel in your shoulders? Legs? Head? Rest into that feeling.

That’s it. Now proceed to your experience with this intention.Think it won’t work? Here’s a little story from when I was in my 20s…

At the time I was just starting to realize that if I adjusted how my body felt, things could manifest.  I auditioned to be in a music video – the first, and to my knowledge, only music video that Michael Moore produced. I got called to be one of the 10 main extras. (Fun. Some good money. I was free that day. Sounds good!). The morning of the filming they chose a couple of us to have bigger parts in the video. Instead of creating the “pick me, pick me!” desperate energy, I settled into my seat and I released my energy so I could be calm, and feel the natural, casual flow of being chosen. And I was.

You can do that too.

I’d love to hear about the experiences you manifest!

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