Seizing Opportunities

Let’s talk about knowing what you want and then following the breadcrumbs that lead you to it.  Sometimes you have no idea how you are going to get to where you want to go and and you may not be sure why you are being pulled there. Here’s a story about how it recently happened to me and how to seize opportunities life serves up to you and leaves you a trail of breadcrumbs.

Last month it was my birthday and I wanted to… GO BIG! I didn’t want to just let it be another regular Tuesday. I felt this pull to set the tone for the year.

Flash back to a year ago when my friend from the Netherlands said she was coming to California to celebrate her upcoming wedding – the day after my birthday.  Part of me said “Oh, the kids will be so sad if I go away for my birthday. Who will help with the kids? Will my husband be ok with it?”  The other part of me said…”Girl, you know you love to travel around your birthday and here’s the universe serving up some awesome sauce for you. You will figure this out and go!”

So for the next year I thought of this and knew it would be a game time decision. Two months before the event, I told my friend I probably wouldn’t make it, but there’s still a chance. One month before, I was tempted to email her “no” but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I knew there was still a chance I’d go even though I had no idea who would drive my kids around or how many days I could do. One week before, I meant to email her that I couldn’t make it, but I “forgot” to.

Five days before…The whisper came…”Ask your sitter. She’s a good person.”  I made a mental note to ask her Saturday night when she was over. I hadn’t thought of her in the previous year because she didn’t sit for us regularly but in the past couple of months we came to know her better.

Saturday night…My husband took me out for my birthday dinner and when we got home I remembered to ask my sitter.  “Ok, so my husband is going to think I’m crazy right now, but are you free to pick up the kids Tuesday and Wednesday after school?” Cue my husband looking at me like I’ve lost my mind, again. Cue my sitter saying “I think so. I’ll check and text you.”

Bingo! I was back in business baby!

The next few hours were a blur as I started to discover the breadcrumbs life was putting out for me. I connected with my California friend – “Come stay with me!” she said. Another California friend of 20 years said – “Let’s have brunch and celebrate our birthdays!” My sitter got back to me…”I can do it!”  I called United Airlines “Yes, Mrs. Munies, we have one seat left on the redeye where you can use your miles.”

Boom! More alignment. And here’s how the Going Big went down…

Tuesday morning I dropped off my kids at school, Uber’ed to the airport, was treated to an amazing sushi dinner in LA with my friends, showered with incredibly thoughtful gifts and flowers, and stayed in my friend’s home that was an inspiration of such beauty and peace that I continue to sensory remember it on a regular basis. Wednesday included a visit to the Downtown LA Flower Market, champagne brunch at Chateau Marmont, running into Randy Jackson at the valet, shopping on Robertson, decorating the garden for my friend’s wedding party, hugging and laughing with friends so much it hurt, and enjoying one of the best meals of my life thanks to my friend’s husband, and I took the redeye home.

48 hours full of inspiration to set me on my way for my new year!

When I set out on the journey, I thought it was to join my friend in celebrating her wedding. It was, but leave it to the magic of my friends to give me even more.  I experienced an immense amount of love and beauty.  My friend’s home was a masterpiece of art, and the love she and her husband have for each other was so beautiful. My birthday friend and I were able to reconnect, be decadent in a beautiful setting and support each other. And it was amazing to see my friend from the Netherlands and the love she and her kind-souled husband share.

Love and Beauty. That’s the Go Big gift I received to kick off my year.

You are served up opportunities to get what you want.

Here’s how to seize them.

1.) Listen to that voice. This voice whispers what you want but the scared or realistic you might be afraid to dare to dream it.

2.) Be open to actually getting what you want. Don’t poo-poo it and dismiss it. Say “Hmm… that’s interesting. I’m open. Let’s see how it’s going to happen.Bring it on!” Open yourself up to the possibility and be curious for the signs.

3.) Take Action. Ok, so you actually will have to look into how many free miles you have in your United account and you will have to book a flight when you see you have the miles for the right flight. You will need to take steps. But when you see you have enough for a free ticket, that’s your breadcrumb.

4.) Where there’s one, there’s more. Be ready for the next breadcrumb. What else would you like to happen?

5.) Enjoy. Thank yourself for being open to creating and allowing.

What do you really want to do and have no idea how it’s going to happen but have a hunch it will?   

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