Are You Lucky?todd-cravens-94272

I hear it all of the time…

“Aw man, they’re so lucky.”

“You’re so lucky. That never happens to me.”

“They live a charmed life. Nothing like that is coming to me.”

“They get all the breaks.”


If you feel lack and talk about how you don’t have things, that is what the universe is hearing you order up and they say “ok, one side of lack coming your way.”

If you genuinely feel positive and that good fortune comes to you, guess what…it usually does.

If you’re complaining and looking at what you don’t have, you’re going to continue to have that state of being.

If you’re waiting to go out with a guy unless he’s Brad Pitt’s clone, guess what? Other guys can feel that vibe, even the one’s that are Brad-esque and they are staying far away.

If you’re thinking you can never leave your job because you’ll never have the flexibility it gives you, guess what…you’re right here too! (“One side of never getting a flexible job again, coming right up!”)

However, if you’re open to receiving, and are grateful for what you receive, I have a hunch abundance will continue flowing your way.  It doesn’t have anything to do with luck, and everything to do with you and your energy.

So how do you make a change? What do you need to do? I always tell my kids…

1.) Think of what you want and not what you don’t want.
2.)  Be positive
3.)  Be grateful

If you keep focusing on how your boss is always riding you, guess what? You’re probably going to do things that mess you up and require them to ride you.

If you think your kids are always making a mess in the house, perhaps they’re feeling that energy and have given up trying to please you because they know you think the worst of them so why bother.

If these sound familiar, turn your thoughts around…

“My boss is always LOVING my work.” or “My boss supports me and has confidence in me.”

“My kids are so great at hanging up their jackets and starting their homework when they get home from school.”

Did you feel the energy shift in the new examples? I sure did – woosh!

For positivity and gratitude, this sometimes take a little effort…

“I’m so glad my boss is cool with me working from home during the snow storm.”

“I’m so grateful for my flexible well paying job!”

So on this day when we might think about getting ” lucky,” think about the energy you are holding. That energy is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and you’re already holding it.


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