I can’t say enough about Deborah. She has helped me transform my personal life and my business.  I went from ready to walk away from my 3 year direct sales business to becoming more energized and focused on how this business can change my future.  In the these past few months I had one of my highest months in recruiting and highest ever in personal volume and team sales and she is helping me see the big picture with Thirty-One Gifts and how to use my time more efficiently, and how to work smarter. She has so much experience and I can’t say enough about her. She has helped me focus and see the big picture. My investment in myself, Deborah and my business is paying off. She is the real deal!

Amy Clarke-Woodard

Director, 31 Gifts

I want to thank you for all your time that allowed me to make radical changes in my life. You are an amazing coach – truly wonderful! You gave me the gentle support I needed to start making steps toward a new career that I was so scared to even think about doing. This past year was quite a difficult one for me, and our sessions always shined some light in for me, got me thinking deeper, and touched my spirit. It really helped to get me through more than you could know. You rock!

Jaqueline Duca

Licensed Professional Counselor, Student Assistance Counselor (SAC)

The wonder of the whole experience is how Deborah helped me get to the heart of how I really feel and what I really want. She guided me to discover what really matters and the insight was invaluable. And I’ve been able to use the tools and exercises in other areas of my life as well. I can’t thank her enough!

Tara La Motta Dwyer

Advertising Executive

Deborah approached my coaching session well-prepared with questions and a definite “goal” or outcome she wished for me to reach by the session’s end. Through her firm, yet loving techniques, I was guided and shown how to arrive at the conclusion I needed most. Deborah’s steps were completely doable and she even gave me a little “homework” to complete, which created a bridge from our phone session to a real-life application of the coaching itself. I would highly recommend Deborah for any of your needs, questions, and obstacles!

Kathy Zagorski

Reiki Master

Deb and I have worked together for both business and personal issues.  She is an amazing blend of creative thinking and practical solutions. When I start a session I’m usually overwhelmed with a decision where I don’t like any of my choices.  She helps me look at my situation in a way where we can find a solution.  She really helps me move forward and take a next step that works for me AND she helps me stay accountable for taking that next step!

Allie Irwin

Body Language Expert

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful guidance you gave me in my life at such a challenging time. I feel like I have come such a long way from where we started and will continue to reach out to you when it is needed. It feels great to know that you are someone I can call and know will help guide me along my journey in life and I can count on you. You truly are an amazing woman and life coach.


I had my coaching session with Deborah, and I can honestly say it was the best coaching session I’ve had. She homed right in on one of my most persistent counterproductive thoughts and did the work on it, and it changed my whole perspective. She also asked me a profoundly powerful question, “What choice would you make if you didn’t have fear?” I feel so inspired and empowered, and more enthusiastic about coaching than ever! I feel honored to be part of this class and to receive such amazing, generous coaching.


Deborah has developed a unique approach to coaching. She instantly puts others at ease and is able to instill calm and make you aware of your reaction to other people’s behavior. The valuable assessment skills she’s taught me have impacted my life in a very positive way. I no longer search for self-value and approval from others.  She has helped me remove toxic people from my life and be positive about and be positive about what my future brings. There ought to be more people like her in this world.

Tania Edwards

Marketing Consultant

What it’s like to be coached by The Debinator:  First, I feel it’s very important to mention how “held” I feel when Deborah coaches me. She always gives me the sense that I am in good hands and that she is completely open to hearing my most vulnerable struggles. And while I feel like she gives me complete space to be my whole self, she also isn’t afraid to jump in the pool and splash around with me when I’m overwhelmed. She is a coach you can count on to be right there with you if you’re feeling lost and lonely as you work towards your goals. I’m so grateful for the gifts Deb’s coaching has given me.

Naomi Cheung

Wardrobe Stylist, Disney

Deborah is blessed with a glowing personality and laser focused attention.  She knows how to cut to the core of the complex situations with ease, sensitivity and precision. A session with Deborah is a guarantee for a sparkling new perspective within the hour.

Chantal Saba

Communications Executive, The Netherlands

Our coaching sessions changed my life. Together we worked on allowing me to cast off the expectations that others had of me and focus on realizing what I wanted for myself. It is more than OK to meet my own needs — it’s the right thing to do, because taking care of me means that I am more whole and more present for everyone else in my life.

You taught me that it was OK to meet MY expectations for myself — and not always everyone else’s. The power that came with this made me more confident and better able to feel secure in my decisions.The arsenal of tools that you provided help me stay focused, prioritize things that are truly important, and make choices that make my life better and more satisfying. I already had so many of the answers within me — but you gave me a roadmap to tap into that energy, those desires, and that knowledge. I use these techniques every week — sometimes unconsciously, because they have become a part of my decision-making process. I make choices with confidence that I know what is right for me, and that is enough.

Stacey Greene

Communications and Marketing

I can’t thank Deborah enough for the guidance she provided to my daughter.  Deborah helped my teenage daughter feel good about herself and recognize her individuality – and that it’s ok to be herself!  This was valuable at a time when my daughter was hearing so many others tell her who she should be. It was amazing how receptive my daughter was and she took to heart Deborah’s teachings.  It is clear that Deborah cares for the girls she speaks to and really wants to help them shine and like who they are.



Being coached by you is like experiencing an hour of peace.  Your intuition is spot on and your ability to calm your mind is truly amazing.  In my coaching sessions with you, one of the wonderful things I have learned is to relax my racing mind and come closer and closer to living my best life.


Here’s what Tweens have to say…

I absolutely loved this program. It made me feel great about myself!


I’m very positive and it was fun and it brought all of my positivity out.


I liked all the topics we did on stress because I stress a lot.

I loved the workshop because it taught me how to control my body. It also taught me how to listen.


I’m interested in a follow-up program because I am always stressed out!


It really helped me understand my feelings and surroundings.

I loved how this workshop was thought out and really enjoyed it.


It was fun and I learned a bunch!


I really liked this class. My friends would probably have as much fun as I had.

It was lots of fun!