Why coaching for girls?

Because it boggles my mind that the coaching tools I know are not mainstream – they are not in public schools and most parents don’t know them to share them with their children. This is no one’s “fault,” rather there is a lack of education and awareness of these tools and teachings, and their effectiveness.

So instead of just saying there’s a need, I want to take steps to create change.

This is how my mantra, Can’t Dimmer My Shimmer™, was inspired. I think back to my childhood and if I knew these tools back then, I know my life would’ve been very different. I would have had more self-confidence. I would have been able to manage stress more easily. And I would have been able to focus on what I know, instead of looking to peers and society to tell me the answers. Knowing this drives me to help girls. I want to share what I know now, as a Master Certified Life Coach, so girls can learn how to listen to and trust themselves, and create the life and relationships they want.

Join me as we work toward changing the conversation girls have with themselves.

I offer workshops and motivational speaking customized for your group. (check out a workshop featured on Fios1 “Push Pause”)



Girls learn and apply teachings to their daily life (e.g. school, friends). Fun elements such as art, crafts and nature are incorporated as I believe learning should be fun and involve the participants actively.

Programs are customized based on the group’s size, ages and growth needs – ranging from a couple of hours to a regularly scheduled workshop over a number of weeks.

For a list of possible topics please see the side bar or reach out to me for a summary of suggested programs.

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I am passionate about bringing growth and awareness education to tween girls at sports, events, girls groups and private organizations. I also work with parent groups to help you cope during this time of change. Let’s talk about how I can support you.


Photos from a Girls Workshop called “Amazing Me.”

*Please note, faces have been blurred for privacy.


Workshop + Speaking Sample Topics

It’s Ok To Be Different

When “just kidding” Isn’t Kidding

The Power of Your Story

Making Lemonade Out of Lemons


I loved the workshop because it taught me how to control my body. It also taught me how to listen.

It really helped me understand my feelings and surroundings.